Breath work & meditation

May 06, 21  |  @ 6PM EST  |  Events

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Breath work & meditation

Who is Leah? 

She is the Wellness Advisor for Well+Kind. Leah is also the founder of The Wolf of Wellness . She is passionate about ancient eastern healing combined with a biomedical health model to make a long-lasting health change on people who practice with her. Read more about her here

What is breath work meditation? 

It is a form of active meditation utilizing breathing techniques. The International Breathwork Foundation defines the practice as "a dynamic body-mind practice using breathing for inner peace, enhanced health, well-being and personal transformation. Simply put, learn how the act of breathing can help to calm the brain and de-clutter head space. Best part... you can do it anywhere. But most importantly in between those stressful meetings or after a long day of hustle! 

What to bring?

An open mind and your positive mindset 

Class duration? 

60 minutes 

What to expect? 

During the session we will engage all of our senses with little bit of smelling, self massaging, meditating, feeling, journaling, etc.