Facial Reflexology with Sakina Hajee

June 17, 21  |  @ 6PM EST  |  Events

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Facial Reflexology with Sakina Hajee

Who is Sakina? 

She is the founder of Mind Your Body practice based out of Long Island, NY. Sakina's specialty is in Body Healing through energy which is called the science of BioEnergetics (BIE). She lives her passion of healing through helping people find ways to calm their minds and bodies. 

What is facial reflexology? 

It is a practice of applying pressure and massage to specific points on the face. An awesome way to calm a hyperactive brain, reduce stress, focus to meditate or put yourself to sleep! Don't believe it, try it! 

What do you need to bring to this session? 

Much like any other Well+Kind session, bring a nice bottle of scent. It can be anything that puts you in your happy place. For some of us it is Eucalyptus oil and for others it is freshly baked chocolate cookies! :) Oh and don't forget positive energy. We also do journaling in the end. If you plan to stay, bring along a journal and a pen too.  

How long is this session? 

60 minutes