New Moon Tarot Reading With Sarah Lachance

June 10, 21  |  @ 6PM EST  |  Events

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New Moon Tarot Reading With Sarah Lachance

Who is Sarah?

She is a Quantum Healer and a Reiki Master. She helps people awaken their life purpose and get in touch with their intuition. Her specialty of using sound to vibrate through our bodies is a really awesome one!

What is an Intuitive New Moon Energy Reading?

This is a collective reading where I discuss the current energies of the new moon in Gemini. I will provide intuitive guidance to assist everyone on how to move forward and take care of themselves through these energies. I will use Oracle and Tarot cards to provide me with messages from spirit and the higher light beings. These messages will be intended for everyone's highest and greatest good. Then I will guide a short healing meditation based on the moon.

What to bring?

Find a quiet space and bring whatever feels right: a pillow, blanket, eye mask, favorite crystals, journal or pen.

Class duration?

60 minutes