At the heart of it, we are lovers of the sensory experience of living. We love how senses can transport you, remind you of old friends, and act as an invisible marker of space and time. 

So we’ve created a space just for you. Exploring sensory-filled methods of mindfulness – let’s come together and detox from our fast-paced lives. We believe that when we are in the right mindset – our potential is limitless.


In our intimate Well+Kind community, we are creating a space for thoughtful humans, like you. Our goal is to motivate you to make time for yourself and shed a tiny light on your emotions, mindset and inner-self. Feed your minds and bodies with weekly events led by certified wellness instructors. 

We are in beta phase which simply means we are learning and growing. Join us as we create a weller and kinder world, one member at a time. Intrigued? Hear from our founding members.

Hang tight, sensory lovers! Our delightful essential oil blend is coming this summer! Mood-centered, vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based, made just for you.

meet our


Oshiya Savur


Boss lady by day and super-mom by night. In classic Gemini form, I am both a mental wellness skeptic and a seeker – which has led me on an honest wellness journey. I have built my career at Unilever, Revlon, All Saints, etc. launching awesome products. A huge part of creating Well + Kind is to help myself find ways to victory dance into my 40's while being a badass in business and girl-mom.

Maggie Hindia


I am a picture book lover and joined the creative world as a child and have followed my passion to this day. I love to fuse the authentic, rich Eastern culture with the modern sensibility of the West. I have worked on brands like Red Bull, Samsung, Macy's, etc. and now I am building something from scratch. In Well+Kind lives my soul. Hope you like what you see!

ladies who


Taylor Cohen

Director of Marketing

Taylor is a passionate believer in all things health and wellness. Her experience in Business Development and Sales catapults her dedication to bringing ideas to life. Her Well + Kind Journey began on a ski trip as a virtual member in the wellness community. She loved connecting with the other members so much, she became obsessed with spreading its benefits with the world. She will pick up your W+K facetime from the beach, the car, the mountain or the couch!

Alessandra Schade

Director of Editorial

Alessandra is a New York City-based writer and journalist who uses mental wellness as a means to understanding and unpacking modern culture. While pursuing a MA in Journalism at Columbia University, she, in her free time, interviews Well + Kind community members, sings to her pitbull on Zoom calls, and tries to tune out the constant NYC car alarms during group meditations.

Leah Hearst

Wellness Advisor

I am a corporate wellness provider and sports medicine therapist, but a true lover of paralingual communication. I seek truth through things like touch, body language, and tone of voice.  I love seeing the light in others. Connecting with the Well+Kind community illuminated me and I decided to join them as their Advisor.