Leah Hearst

What got you involved in your practice?

I have always been drawn to a service to others. Along my own journey seeking better health, I was able to intersect western science with eastern wellness practices like yoga and meditation. It was a passion-led involvement!

How do you prioritize mental wellness?

I think mental wellness starts with the physical body. I try to take care of my body with nutrition, exercise, dry brushing, cupping, stretching, massage, facials, thermotherapy, and acupuncture. During any physical self-care, I tell myself that I take care of myself because I am worth it. At the beginning of every new moon, I have a virtual tarot reading. I use this time as a sort of meditation on listening closely to my intuitive senses. There is a lot of intuition inside us all that we don’t tap into enough! Slowly building up my intuition like drops in a bucket has been incredibly helpful for my mental wellness. I also meditate every day, in whatever form I can squeeze in.

What is your favorite thing about Well+Kind?

I love the authenticity and soul of the founders, they are the heartbeat of the organization and community.

What is the best advice you've ever received from a loved one?

One time a friend in college told me “Not everyone is going to like you. It could be for absolutely no reason, or something about you triggers a negative reaction in them. But it’s okay, not everyone has to like you.” I found this helpful as a way to free myself to clear space and energy for the healthy complementary relationships that give back to me.

What is your favorite sense and why?

Touch. Physical touch is my love language, I believe there is an entire platform of communication flowing throughout the world based on the message behind the touch. I have also provided healing touch to hospice patients and people with chronic pain.