Louise Heite

What got you involved in your practice?

It’s been a journey unfolding since I was 6 years old. As a young competitive swimmer, I had a difficult time not making it to the podium. It brought up feelings of not being good enough, not being fast enough, not being enough, and it resulted in a’ I can’t attitude’. It was only fast forward 20 years later that I was able ‘to clean up’ that belittling belief and dared to fuel my own fire. And since that defining moment, it’s been my sole mission to help others fuel their best and make their best better so that they can thrive in life and business with passion, compassion, ease, and massive impact.

How do you prioritize mental wellness?

It’s at the core of what I do, all day every day. It is absolutely a top priority for me. I see it as a foundation to serve my clients powerfully, show up for my family and community, and to center myself.

What is your favorite thing about Well+Kind?

As a mother, I am on a mission to take on the massive task to leave our world a better, kinder, and more peaceful place. The chance to play together with a like-minded community that motivates positive emotions and actions is my absolute favorite thing.

Is home for you a place or a feeling? Can you describe it?

Home is where my heart is. A place where I have a foundation of love, warmth, and happy memories that I carry with me wherever life takes me (and it has been nothing short of an adventure so far )

What is your favorite sense and why?

Eucalyptus - It’s present in nearly every space in my house. The scent energizes me in the morning (yup it’s in the bathroom too), demands I rub its leaves for a quick mental break throughout the day, and has the magic to give me a sense of calm at the end of a busy day.